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Costa Rica’s Canopy Tour

Tours in Monteverde Costa Rica, Xtreme Adventure Park, Located in the heart of the Monteverde Cloud Forest, our Zip Lines and Hanging Bridges consist one of the few Canopy tours in Costa Rica that literarily take you deep within the primary Monteverde Cloud Forest, providing a precious and unique experience we guarantee you’ll always remember.

General Info

In its beginnings, Monteverde Costa Rica started as a milk producing community. This activity was carried out with the single purpose of creating the basic sustenance of the families in a very humble style that was shared by both the quakers and the Costa Ricans of the time..


Selvatura Park is a conservation area located in Monteverde with an area

of over 850 acres of protected land

where a variety of the area’s favorite activities are offered in a same place

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Selvatura Park hosted this year’s edition of the MoonRun – Monteverde. The event was a complete success thanks to the assistance of an advanced support team which assisted racers along the route. If you plan to visit Monteverde in December of 2015 make sure you look into participating in this adrenaline filled mountain race. You can check out more information on the MoonRun’s Facebook Fan Site.

Our Goals

Our Goals

Education, Sustainability, Adventure… These three areas mean the core of our operation. Its our job as tour operators to provide a safe, adventurous and educational experience for our visitors. It is also of utmost importance for Selvatura to set an example within the adventure travel industry, working with sustainable development and environmental care habits.Selvatura Park continues to be on the lead of adventure travel activities in the area and wishes to share not only the splendors of the mountains but also the importance of respect for the ecosystem that surrounds us.

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Nowadays Monteverde Costa Rica is

consolidated as one of the three most important tourist destinations of Costa Rica


In its beginnings, Monteverde Costa Rica started as a milk producing community.

monte3Monteverde Costa Rica is a region located in the Province of Puntarenas in Costa Rica. It is located 151 km away from San Jose in the mountains of the central Pacific region at a coarse elevation of 1,330 meters above sea level.
Monteverde Costa Rica has a population of approximately 10.000 inhabitants of several nationalities such as Costa Ricans, Nicaraguans, Americans, Germans, French among many others.
One of the most representative aspects of the zone is the harmonious acceptance of several religions in the same area where we can find Catholics, Quakers, Adventists, Evangelists, Christians, Buddhist and others without their religion being an impediment for the calm coexistence that is professed in all the place. In Monteverde Costa Rica all the people of all the cultures, races and ethnic groups are accepted and welcomed. Nevertheless the predominant religion is the catholic, shared by the majority of Costa Ricans.
The main economic activity in Monteverde Costa Rica is tourism and the lactic and meat product industry as a secondary activity. There are several traditional plantations of coffee and some bordering towns that similarly depend on the tourism and on the demand of work from population of Monteverde Costa Rica for their subsistence.
The common means of transportation in Monteverde Costa Rica are 4×4 vehicles or public buses, also motorcycles are a popular mean of transportation among some of the inhabitants of Monteverde Costa Rica. It is also possible to find some people riding on horse because the accesses in Monteverde Costa Rica which are composed of ballast thus this type of transport is used still in certain proportion. The taxi service is also very used in Monteverde Costa Rica where taxis can be found from the 5:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Apart from these services, private transportation services can be contracted which are a little quicker and offer direct connections to anywhere inside the country. Finally the newest tendency to reach Monteverde Costa Rica from the area of La Fortuna is the Car Boat Car, a new service that picks up clients in La Fortuna and brings them to Lake Arenal where a boat takes them across the lake until they reach Rio Chiquito where another car finishes the transportation to Monteverde Costa Rica. This option offers more comfort than the trip completely on car and in addition the client arrives to Monteverde Costa Rica approximately one hour earlier.
Services Among the services that can be found in Monteverde Costa Rica there is: Banco Nacional de Costa Rica, Health Clinic, Police, Bus Station towards San Jose, Post office, Supermarket, Department Store, Red Cross, Internet Services among others.
In the National Bank all types of money transactions can be done including the Dollar and Traveler’s Checks exchange as well as cash advances from credit cards. The health clinic is open from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and can provide emergencies and transfer service to hospitals close by. There are two bus services that leave twice to the day towards San Jose and Puntarenas. From the post office, letters and postcards can be sent, in addition the office also offers Courier Service. At the supermarket in town you may find a great variety of groceries and articles. In the department store you will find photographic equipment, tools, clothes among many other things. Most of the hotels offer Internet service acceptable speeds.
The gastronomy in Monteverde Costa Rica is quite ample with a selection of more than 30 restaurants to choose. It is possible to taste a exquisite range of options from the most sublime Italian pizza to the new and tasteful flavors of the Latin and Fusion kitchen. In Monteverde Costa Rica all types of national and international foods may be found for your delight. In addition to to this you will be able to accompany your meals with fine selections of wines from around the globe as well as of national and international liquors. The large amount of restaurants also provides an excellent scale of prices to choose from which complies to all types of budget. We recommended the restaurants of Santa Elena for the economic traveler and the restaurants of the hotels if what you are looking for is something more formal.
Cloud Forest
Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve What is typically known as the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve is actually several biological reserves which have have been responsible of promoting this ecological destianation. Among the most important ones are: The Biological Reserve of Monteverde, Biological Reserve of Santa Elana and the Eternal Children’s Rain Forest.
Together these reserves and plus some other adjacent protected zones comprise the area of the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve which is superior to the 30.000 hectares of protected virgin forest. Each of these reserves have been born thanks to the conservationist and visionary effort of many people, who want to preserve the environment and help a great number of endemic species that reside in the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. This desire to help the planet has been an inspiration for many people. A special case worth mentioning is the one of the Eternal Children’s Rain Forest. This forest was on sale and in danger to be destroyed, which motivated a child to begin an international campaign to include the forest in the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reservet. This campaign spread everywhere and received donations to buy and to preserve this forest. Donations were mainly gathered by children worldwide. Because of this event this forest has been and will always be the legacy of the children of the entire world, in addition to a source of inspiration for all those of us that believe in the protection of the environment.

At that time, families were dedicated to growing

crops and milk cattle and thus having a sustenance for their families.

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    the San Gerardo Cloud Forest Reserve.
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