Transportation – The common means of transportation in Monteverde Costa Rica are 4×4 vehicles or public buses, also motorcycles are a popular mean of transportation among some of the inhabitants of Monteverde Costa Rica. It is also possible to find some people riding on horse because the accesses in Monteverde Costa Rica which are composed of ballast thus this type of transport is used still in certain proportion. The taxi service is also very used in Monteverde Costa Rica where taxis can be found from the 5:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Apart from these services, private transportation services can be contracted which are a little quicker and offer direct connections to anywhere inside the country. Finally the newest tendency to reach Monteverde Costa Rica from the area of La Fortuna is the Car Boat Car, a new service that picks up clients in La Fortuna and brings them to Lake Arenal where a boat takes them across the lake until they reach Rio Chiquito where another car finishes the transportation to Monteverde Costa Rica. This option offers more comfort than the trip completely on car and in addition the client arrives to Monteverde Costa Rica approximately one hour earlier.