Monteverde Costa Rica is a region located in the Province of Puntarenas in Costa Rica. It is located 151 km away from San Jose in the mountains of the central Pacific region at a coarse elevation of 1,330 meters above sea level.

Monteverde Costa Rica has a population of approximately 10.000 inhabitants of several nationalities such as Costa Ricans, Nicaraguans, Americans, Germans, French among many others.

One of the most representative aspects of the zone is the harmonious acceptance of several religions in the same area where we can find Catholics, Quakers, Adventists, Evangelists, Christians, Buddhist and others without their religion being an impediment for the calm coexistence that is professed in all the place. In Monteverde Costa Rica all the people of all the cultures, races and ethnic groups are accepted and welcomed. Nevertheless the predominant religion is the catholic, shared by the majority of Costa Ricans.

The main economic activity in Monteverde Costa Rica is tourism and the lactic and meat product industry as a secondary activity. There are several traditional plantations of coffee and some bordering towns that similarly depend on the tourism and on the demand of work from population of Monteverde Costa Rica for their subsistence.