Monteverde Cloud Forest

Monteverde Cloud Forest


Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve What is typically known as the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve is actually several biological reserves which have have been responsible of promoting this ecological destianation. Among the most important ones are: The Biological Reserve of Monteverde, Biological Reserve of Santa Elana and the Eternal Children's Rain Forest.

Together these reserves and plus some other adjacent protected zones comprise the area of the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve which is superior to the 30.000 hectares of protected virgin forest.

Each of these reserves have been born thanks to the conservationist and visionary effort of many people, who want to preserve the environment and help a great number of endemic species that reside in the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. This desire to help the planet has been an inspiration for many people. A special case worth mentioning is the one of the Eternal Children's Rain Forest. This forest was on sale and in danger to be destroyed, which motivated a child to begin an international campaign to include the forest in the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reservet. This campaign spread everywhere and received donations to buy and to preserve this forest. Donations were mainly gathered by children worldwide. Because of this event this forest has been and will always be the legacy of the children of the entire world, in addition to a source of inspiration for all those of us that believe in the protection of the environment.



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