Treetop Walkways and Suspension Bridges

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02-Treetop Walkways-SuspensionBridges
03-Treetop Walkways-SuspensionBridges

Monteverde Costa Rica Cloud Forest Reserve Canopy Tour

Selvatura's Tree Top Walkways consist of a 1.9 mile (approximately 3 kilometer) trail that crosses through the Monteverde Cloud Forest.

Here visitors will walk on eight different bridges with various lengths ranging between 150 feet ( 50 meters ) up to 510 feet ( 170 meters ) and altitudes ranging between 36 feet ( 12 meters ) up to 180 feet ( 60 meters ).

Each bridge has a width of five feet, the widest bridges in Costa Rica, and also a capacity of up to 80 people per bridge making them both the longest and strongest bridge systems in the Monteverde Cloud Forest. The Tree Top Walkways are suitable for people of all ages. The duration of the hike usually takes between 1.5 and 2 hours and guided and self guided tours may be booked in advance right here!


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